5 of our favourite fruity autumn scents

Ahhhh … autumn. It really is a special time of year in Australia. As the weather finally cools and the leaves turn, the intense smells of summer dissipate and more earthy scents emerge. The first rains wash away the grime of the long hot months – then, depending where you live, a dampness settles over the fallen leaves and produces its own sweet elixir.

The cooler weather is gentler on our olfactory system. There are fewer smells in the air – as the temperature drops, odour molecules are less likely to be released from the environment around us. This makes autumn the perfect time to think about lighting scented candles or opening a new diffuser, and welcoming beautiful scents into your home.

Question is, which aromas are best in autumn? It can depend on the mood you’re trying to create. For us, it’s all about seasonal fruits and veg – many of which have been ripening beautifully over summer, ready to release their heady scents.

Here are five of our favourites.



A freshly picked fig is juicy, indulgent and richly aromatic, combining the scent of the sun-ripened fruit with that of its woodsy leaves. With its hints of sweet jasmine, spicy anise and sandalwood, the aroma of figs will create the sense that summer is lingering longer in your home.



The tangy smell of lime refreshes and invigorates, offering the perfect pick-me-up as the weather cools and you’re tempted to linger under the doona for longer in the mornings. It’s known to stimulate your immune system and boost your concentration, too.



This warm, spicy scent energises body and soul. It restores balance if you’re feeling nauseous; its warming properties help with cold muscles; it relieves headache; it aids in digestive issues. And, paired with another vibrant scent like lemongrass, it is an incredibly uplifting fragrance for your home.



Deliciously juicy pears are coming into season in autumn, and we can’t get enough of their sweet scent. Whether you have fruit ripening in the bowl or not, you can celebrate the crisp aroma of pears with a candle that captures the scent perfectly.



We start craving the zesty aroma of oranges around now. We suspect it’s got something to do with the fruit’s restorative properties – renowned for its Vitamin C content, an orange is a great immune booster and just what we need coming into the colder months. The scent of orange is energising and refreshing, too; and helps to promote a positive mood.

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5 tips that make scents these holidays

Scents of the holiday season can be incredibly evocative. Citronella and sunscreen take us straight to summer holidays spent by the water; while cinnamon and cloves transport us to family kitchens where delicious Christmas feasts are lovingly prepared.

Of course, every family in Australia will have its own scented memories of the holiday season. It depends very much on your family’s culture and traditions – while the redolent waft of summertime barbecues fill some people’s homes, for others the rich scents of roasted turkey and Christmas pudding pervade.

If you are looking to create new memories for your family, here are some ideas for introducing beautiful fragrances into your festive season.

1. An aromatic Christmas tree


How good does a real Christmas tree smell? There really is nothing quite like the natural, earthy pine aroma of a freshly cut tree – it fills the house with the scents of Christmas and puts everyone in a festive mood.

Or, if you don’t have the space or inclination for a real Christmas tree, you could get crafty and make a eucalyptus wreath to adorn your front door. Get your hands on some fresh cuttings of the dusty green leaves, weave them into a grapevine wreath, and enjoy the distinctive scent every time you come home.

2. Guestroom heaven


Welcome your holiday guests with a divinely scented candle in their room and a freshly washed towel on their bed. Little touches like these go a long way to making your guests feel extra special.

And don’t forget to pop a diffuser in the bathroom. It can get a little busy in the bathroom over the holidays, with so many people coming and going. Choose an aroma reminiscent of Christmas to keep the festive vibe going throughout your house.

3. Gingerbread delights

Bee on Lavender

When was the last time you baked gingerbread? This delicious festive treat is a Christmas classic! It’s heaps of fun to make and decorate with the kids, or go solo and enjoy the rich gingery scents wafting from your oven as you bake another tray.

You could wrap up cute collections of gingerbread stars or angels to give as gifts to your neighbours, or keep a fresh stash in the pantry for when guests drop around for a festive cuppa.

4. Light up the room with candles


There’s no better way to end a long day of festivities than with flickering candlelight. Choose candles with relaxing aromas and light them up to help everyone unwind after a long day of celebrating. Or go with spiced aromas to perk everyone up … with a glass of bubbles in hand, you’ll all be singing carols by candlelight well into the night.

5. Wrap it up


Add a sweet, scented touch to your Christmas wrapping. Instead of going for gaudy colours that have rolled off a production line, give your gifts a beautiful homemade touch by using recycled brown paper with your own unique touches. Eucalyptus leaves and raffia; lavender and twine; or perhaps sweet cinnamon sticks secured with string. With brown paper as your canvas, you’re only limited by your imagination!





Vanilla ain’t no plain jane

Vanilla is one of the most evocative flavours in the world. Who doesn’t love a spoonful of Sara Lee vanilla ice-cream straight from the tub? Or that delicious waft of sweet scent when you measure out a teaspoon of vanilla essence into your baking? We certainly do!

And yet, the word ‘vanilla’ is much maligned. Somehow, somewhere, someone started using the word to describe things that were ordinary. Boring. Plain jane.

That’s not fair. Vanilla is a far cry from being boring. So we’ve decided to do some sniffing around and share the truth about this fascinating scent.

Vanilla – which in Spanish translates as ‘little pod’ – has a rich and complex history. It was first discovered by a tribe called the Totonacs on Mexico’s east coast way back before the 15th century. The Aztecs conquered the Totonacs, and took the vanilla with them. Then the Spanish did the same.

Back then, vanilla was scraped into hot chocolates for added flavour (it was another couple of centuries before ice-cream was invented). Today, vanilla is not only a pantry staple that’s added to most baked treats – it is cherished for its aromatherapy benefits, too.

Before we dive into why it’s so good for you, let’s take a look at its remarkable creation.

Vanilla pods grow on a beautiful orchid vine native to Central and South America. Their very existence is remarkable – the orchid flowers open for just 24 hours and, if they are not pollinated during this brief period, they wilt and fall from the vine.

Pollination is an extremely delicate process that is done by hand (unless the orchid grows in Mexico, where native Melipona bees do the job). No wonder vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world after saffron!

Vanilla is celebrated in the aromatherapy world. And for good reason. We love vanilla essential oil for its soothing and relaxing properties. As well as chilling you out, it is an antioxidant, aphrodisiac, anticarcinogenic, febrifuge and antidepressant. So many good reasons to add a few drops to your daily blend!

Speaking of, vanilla blends beautifully with the essential oils of orange, lemon, neroli, jojoba, chamomile, lavender and sandalwood. Mmmm …

Nope, vanilla is certainly no plain jane. And that’s why we love it.